Below you will find frequently asked questions. If you have direct questions that are not answered here don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I attend the 2020 PGA Championship?

There are three ways to attend, purchasing hospitality, purchasing tickets or by volunteering.

If I have to leave for any reason, can I return same day?

There will be no daily readmission to the grounds. If you leave the grounds, you must have an unscanned ticket to return to the 2020 PGA Championship. Once the bottom of the ticket has been scanned, it will no longer provide admission. The only exception is when the Weather Warning signs have been posted. Please wear your ticket in plain view at all times as security personnel will not allow admission.

What is your admission policy for Juniors?

As part of the PGA of America’s mission to grow interest and participation in the game of golf, the 2020 PGA Championship is excited to offer free admission for juniors 17 years of age and younger when accompanied by a ticketed adult; available during Practice Rounds, Tuesday thru Thursday. Each ticketed adult is permitted two (2) junior grounds admissions per day at no additional charge. Junior tickets will be available on-site at the Admission Sales & Will Call Office at the PGA Championship main entrance on the day of admission. No registration is necessary. Junior tickets cannot be obtained in advance and are available regardless of a sellout. Junior tickets do not gain access into private hospitality areas or the International Pavilion. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, each junior must have a paid ticket to enter the grounds as there will be no complimentary admission.

What is your Military admission policy?

To honor the men and women who serve our country in the United States Armed Forces, The PGA of America is pleased to offer Active Duty, Military Retirees, Active Reserve, National Guard and their accompanying spouse complimentary grounds tickets during the Practice Rounds, Tuesday thru Thursday. Military tickets will be available on-site at the Admission Sales & Will Call Office at the PGA Championship main entrance on the day of admission. Military ID and photo ID must be presented in exchange for the grounds ticket(s). Complimentary Military tickets cannot be obtained in advance and are available regardless of a sellout.

Are cameras allowed?

Cameras are only allowed on-site during Practice Rounds, Monday through Wednesday, and are not permitted on-site during 2020 PGA Championship Rounds, Thursday through Sunday.

Can we ask for player autographs?

Autographs may be requested and given at the contestants’ convenience, at the Practice Range and Putting Green, during Practice Rounds only. Please consult the Mobile Device Policy for guidelines regarding mobile device photo, audio and video capturing while on course.

What happens if the weather turns for the worst?

Please observe the Leader Boards and Thru Boards for the Weather Warning sign(s) which will appear when inclement weather is approaching the grounds. When the yellow “Weather Warning” sign appears, spectators are advised to take precautions and seek shelter PRIOR to play being suspended. When the red “Play Suspended” sign appears and the air horns sound, this means play is suspended and spectators must seek shelter immediately. In the event of inclement weather, please remember to avoid the following:

  • Grandstands
  • Metal Fences
  • Telephone Poles
  • Open Fields
  • Golf Carts
  • Hill Tops and High Places
  • Bodies of Water
  • Tall and/or Isolated Trees
What do I do with my mobile phone?

Mobile devices must be kept in Golf Mode Setting at all times during the event:

  • Set device to silent or vibrate, including but not limited to, ringer, notifications, and alerts.
  • Camera flash turned off.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls may only be made or received farther than 100 yards away from competition.
  • Text, email, social posting and other data use is allowed on the golf course at any location providing players are not in position and about to play their shots.
  • Mobile device photography, as well as audio and video capturing, is allowed in all areas during Practice Rounds (Tuesday - Thursday).

During 2020 PGA Championship Rounds (Thursday – Sunday), photography, audio and video recording are prohibited anywhere within 100 yards of competition or when requested by players, caddies, marshalls, volunteers, security or 2020 PGA Championship staff and officials.

Will there be Wi-Fi access on the grounds?

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be available at a number of locations around the grounds. Keep an eye out for Wi-Fi zone signs during your visit and make sure to download the 2020 PGA Championship app (Coming Soon)!

Are there any specific conduct, customs or etiquette I should be aware of?

Attendees are requested to display traditional customs of etiquette, decorum and behavior, and to obey all 2020 PGA Championship policies including, but not limited to, those provided on each ticket, all posted signs and any instructions of PGA Championship Marshals and Officials. Inappropriate behaviors and/or failure to comply with standards/policies may lead to ejection from the PGA Championship and/or cancellation of admission tickets, without refund.

Can I cheer and callout to players on the course?

Although cheering and positive gallery responses to great play are encouraged, unsolicited and consistent calls from the gallery toward players and others are prohibited.

What if I am late or really want to get somewhere quickly?

For the safety of everyone and in keeping with policy established at major sporting events, running is considered to be unacceptable behavior. Please take your time and enjoy the event.

Where should I stand to watch the action?

Please stay behind the gallery ropes and cooperate with instructions given by 2020 PGA Championship Marshals. Please kneel or sit if you are in the front row and remain still throughout each shot

What if I notice someone being rude or acting out of conduct etiquette?

Anyone acting in a manner that is deemed to be abusive, derogatory, rude or aggressive may be subject to removal from the 2020 PGA Championship premises and may be prohibited from returning to the grounds or attending any future PGA Championship event.

What should I do to prepare for my day at the 2020 PGA Championship?
  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.
  • Wear a hat for protection from the sun and be sure to use sunscreen.
  • Please leave all prohibited items, including ALL backpacks and any bags larger than 10” x 10” x 10”, at home or in your vehicle, as they will not be permitted on-course or stored at the 2020 PGA Championship.
  • What if myself or someone near me needs medical help during the event?
  • Medical response teams will be on-site during the 2020 PGA Championship. Specific locations will be listed in the 2020 PGA Championship course map and pairings guide.
What items should I leave at home?

These bags not allowed on the grounds

Prohibited bags will NOT be accepted or stored on-site

  • Backpacks of any size and drawstring bags
  • Bags larger than 10” x 10” x 10” in their natural state, with the exception of folding chair bags (chair must be removed from bag at security checkpoint)
  • Bags larger than 10” x 10” x 10” sold in The 2020 PGA Championship Shops will be tagged as prohibited for re-admission due to size regulations

These personal items not allowed on the grounds

  • Personal electronics such as computers, laptops, or tablets
  • Drones, hoverboards, laser pointers, whistles/ noisemakers or selfie sticks
  • Golf clubs or bicycles
  • All oversized chairs with wide armrests (portable, folding canvas chairs will be permitted with carry bags searched prior to entry)
  • Weapons of any kind (regardless of permit), including pocket knives
  • Buckets, ladders, milk crates, or stools

These food & beverages not allowed on the grounds

  • Coolers
  • Food (except in limited quantities for medical, dietary, or infant purposes)
  • Alcohol
  • Beverages (one unopened, sealed bottle of water per spectator is permitted)
Can I bring promotional signs or banners to the 2020 PGA Championship?

Banners, posters, or signs are not permitted on the grounds. Any materials with unauthorized advertising or promotion should be left at home or outside of the main gates.

What other items should not be brought to the event?

Any item is subject to be deemed inappropriate or dangerous by PGA Championship security at their sole discretion.

What methods of payment will be accepted at the 2020 PGA Championship?

The following methods of payment are accepted on-site at the 102nd PGA Championship, identified by location:

  • Admissions Office: American Express, MasterCard, VISA & U.S. dollars
  • The 2020 PGA Championship Shops: American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Traveler’s Checks and U.S. dollars
  • Concession and Beverage Stands: American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Discover Card and U.S. dollars
Will you take personal checks at the event?

Personal checks are NOT accepted at the 2020 PGA Championship.

What are the main gate hours during the 2020 PGA Championship?

Please check back as the event gets closer.

When should I expect players to arrive during practice rounds?

During the Practice Rounds, players are invited to play at their discretion. No advance starting times are available for the Practice Rounds. The Pairings Board will be located near the Main Spectator Entrance and is continually updated as players begin their rounds from either the 1st or 10th Tees.

What food and beverage options are available onsite?

A wide selection of food and beverage options will be available to attendees of the 2020 PGA Championship. To plan your dining experience, please consult the on-site course map or pairing sheet for menu items available by their location on-course.

Will there be a link or preferred site for guests looking for Airbnb?

The 2020 PGA Championship is working with Rent Like A Champion to offer home rentals to those attending the 2020 PGA Championship. Home rental opportunities will be provide to guests once they have confirmed their attendance by either purchasing official 2020 PGA Championship Corporate Hospitality, registering to volunteer (opportunities available in the spring of 2019) or purchasing tickets (random draw registration opens in spring 2019, tickets will go on sale in fall 2019), directly through the PGA of America.

How is the PGA Championship different from the PGA tournaments?

The PGA Championship, one of the most compelling events in all of sports, may be the most significant sporting event ever to be held in Wisconsin. An event where passion, pride for country, excitement, and enthusiasm are emotions felt by contestants, spectators, and viewers around the globe alike. It features a first tee atmosphere that is unlike anything in golf.

Held in the US only once every four years, it is one of the last major sporting events where winning for country, and not prize money, is the ultimate reward.

What are the dates of the 2020 PGA Championship?

Practice Rounds: Monday, May 11, 2020 – Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Competition Rounds: Thursday, May 14, 2020 – Sunday, May 17, 2020

Where do we buy tickets if we are interested in coming to the 2020 PGA Championship?

Guests interested in tickets to the 2020 PGA Championship should visit pga.com/2020pgachampionship and complete the interest form to be notified when tickets go on sale.

Where do we go if we wish to learn more about volunteer opportunities?

Guests interested in volunteer opportunities at the 2020 PGA Championship should visit pga.com/2020pgachampionship and complete the interest form to be notified when volunteer registration opens. Volunteer opportunities for the 2020 PGA Championship are on a first-come, first-served basis and will be available until all positions are filled.

Who is playing?

The PGA Championship pits 12 of the best professional golfers from the United States versus 12 of the best from Europe. Determination of the qualifying parameters for the 2020 PGA Championship will be decided later this year.

Where can I purchase hospitality packages for the 2020 PGA Championship?

PGA of America is your only source for official, onsite hospitality packages. Click here for available options.